Wind farm resource measurements

Fernerkundung für Windenergieprojekte

Determine your wind farm site’s energy production potential and give investors the assurance of a highly credible resource measurement campaign.

Understanding your available resource is vital for wind farm planning. It enables you to identify the IEC class of your site, helping you select the most suitable turbines and determine where they are best placed. Insight into your resource will also empower you with estimations of short-term and long-term energy production potential.

Turnkey wind measurement campaigns
Our wind farm Resource measurements help you understand your resources and their characteristics. Once you have identified your site and possible wind resource locations, we work with you to develop a tailored measurement campaign, usually lasting 1-3 years.

We offer a complete, turnkey service, taking away the hassle of dealing with multiple sub-contractors – so your people can concentrate on your business. We can cover all aspects of a measurement campaign, including:

  • Met mast procurement and installation
  • Measurement software
  • Data collection, monitoring and analysis
  • Maintenance management (periodic and unscheduled)
  • Getting the most from your resource measurements using Resource Panorama 
  • Interim and end-of-project reports with all relevant data

Global reach, local service
With more than 25 years’ experience covering well over 1,000 met masts, DNV GL is one of the most trusted names in wind resource measurements. Our people offer unparalleled expertise, combining global knowledge with local service. They ensure you achieve a quick path to a bankable measurement campaign, assuring investors your project has ‘industry best practice’ status.

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Caroline Evans

Caroline Evans

Project Manager, Resource Panorama

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