Tidal bladed

Focused on ensuring design reliability and survivability, Tidal bladed is the only validated, industry-standard tool for simulating tidal turbines at the design stage.

Whether you are designing new turbine concepts or adapting existing ones, simulating the concept prior to development is a key step in optimizing designs. For this, a straightforward but comprehensive software modelling tool is invaluable. It helps move the concept to the detailed design stage, and ensure design reliability and survivability at a technical level.

Tidal bladed is the industry-standard tidal turbine modelling and allows you to visualize your bespoke tidal turbine design. Fast, easy-to-use and delivering excellent results, it provides you with accurate numerical load and performance estimates.

A single platform for all components
It’s the easiest way to design or redesign a horizontal axis tidal stream turbine. Tidal bladed helps you design all the main components in a single software platform, including:

  • Sub structure
  • Drive train
  • Support structure
  • Blades
  • Blade orientation
  • Control strategy

You can optimize your design for a specific project, while the tool can also be used to describe the environment of the specific project location. It also gives you site specific performance and load characteristics and calculations.

Fully validated
Unlike alternative solutions, Tidal bladed has been validated in a series of unique projects, including the ReDAPT (Reliable Data Acquisition Platform for Tidal) project. Sponsored by the Energy Technologies Institute (ETI), ReDAPT verified and validated Tidal bladed estimates against full-scale measurements in the field, covering aspects such as load and performance calculations from very small-scale to full-scale turbines.

Global support from our experts
Tidal bladed is used by the majority of developers in the field – in real projects. Our experts, who also use the Tidal bladed tool on commercial projects, provide a support line to other users offering advice or training. So you have access to the experts who use the tool on a daily basis.

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