Site conditions for wind turbines

Site conditions

A holistic approach to analysing onshore and offshore site condition helps you choose the most appropriate turbine and achieve the lowest cost of energy.

Reducing the cost per megawatt-hour is essential for the success of individual wind energy projects and the growth of wind energy as a whole. While turbine design is a key factor in this, the choice of site for the turbine is of paramount importance. However, site conditions are often overlooked leading to turbines being placed in unsuitable locations. Hence the full potential of the turbine isn’t realized.

Assessing site suitability together
Site suitability analysis is critical, investigating all factors on land or at sea that can affect wind speed loading. Calling on our vast experience in this field, we work with you to determine the most appropriate turbine technology for your chosen site. We help you understand the environmental conditions of the site, and the results of our wind data analysis provide input for the turbine forms. 

Our experts know all the steps involved and can ‘see’ the entire project, not just the individual elements. They know what to expect, so there are no surprises in your financing or due diligence.

Powerful site analysis tools
Using advanced tools, we assess environmental parameters that are relevant for predicting energy output. If a site exhibits marginal conditions, our CFD modelling explores the wind flow across the site in greater detail. We can also provide turbine loading through a generic turbine model.

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