Offshore – PMS RCM risk-based maintenance

Our PMS RCM service offers an alternative to planned maintenance following Original Equipment Manufacturer recommendations

To ensure the safety and integrity of equipment, stakeholders may require OEM maintenance recommendations be followed. However, these may not include operational experience and/or increasing maintenance efforts and costs.

Our risk-based maintenance approach mitigates the issues which arise from OEM recommendations.

Our reputable PMS RCM service ensures you can utilise your own experience with the equipment, without your stakeholders losing confidence. Using a well-established RCM methodology, we help to ensure that maintenance is more focused on the actual conditions of the equipment and the risk impact of their function.

Work together with DNV GL for the reliable risk-based maintenance of your offshore unit:

  • Improve maintenance effectiveness, with an optimal maintenance effort and thus reduced costs
  • Provide a mechanism for managing maintenance with a high degree of control and awareness
  • Profit from a more cost-efficient maintenance programme based on condition and risk instead of time
  • Improve equipment performance for improved safety and system availability

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Joar Håland

Joar Håland

Principal Engineer, Offshore Classification – In-service Development

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